​​Greene & Co, Hong Kong.


Kevin Greene, Principal, Greene & Co. Hong Kong.

My expertise in Security and its application to many industries and products results from over 30 years of work in the fields of law enforcement, aviation, the financial industry, as well as logistics, supply chain and transportation.   I was actively involved with the EU, ICAO and ECAC in preparing and drafting Aviation Security legislation as well as the audit trail associated with compliance to this.  I also prepared training materials and the competencies expected before qualification in this field. 
My work responsibilities have also involved extensive in-house security training on investigations, behavioral analysis, interviewing and security auditing. I have trained over 100 security people with diverse language skills on these methods in Europe and Asia.  
I have also provided expert advice and consultancy on Security matters and business management for all areas and cultures in countries like China, India, Indonesia, and Australia. 
​ I have worked on setting up new facilities and operations as well as growing existing infrastructure in Asia and Europe.  I am very familiar with FCPA and anti-bribery legislation and how this needs to be applied in Asia.